Vyke and Ukash form VoIP payment partnership

17 Aug 2010

VoIP provider Vyke has partnered with e-money network Ukash. This partnership was created to allow customers to use VoIP without needing to have a bank account, a credit card or to disclose personal details online.

“Ukash operates across a number of sectors and VoIP is a fast-growing market for us,” said Paul Coxhill, marketing director for Ukash.

“We are pleased to be partnering with Vyke as its business grows internationally and I am sure that our global distribution network and our customer base will be of significant benefit to Vyke,” he said.

Ukash’s e-money network has 420,000 global physical issuing points in 33 countries. They provide e-commerce solutions by allowing customers to shop, play and pay online using cash.

Vyke operates its VoIP services in Europe, the Middle East, South East Asia and Latin America.

This collaboration will now allow Vyke users to access an alternative to direct and card-based payments. Customers with a Vyke account can purchase a Ukash voucher from stores based in Dublin, Galway, Cork, Limerick, Belfast and Derry.

They can then enter the 19-digit Ukash voucher on Vyke’s homepage and call credit will be added to their account.

Tommy Jenson, CEO of Vyke, expressed the importance of alternative online payment options for their customers.

“It is vital in today’s competitive VoIP market to offer all users a flexible and safe way to purchase VoIP calling credit,” he said.

“We are therefore pleased to be partnering with market leader, Ukash, allowing us to bring our advanced mobile communication services to users who prefer to pay by cash globally.”