Would you trust this phone with your money?

9 Dec 2008

It turns out, we all would. According to a recent survey from Anam Mobile and TR2 Communications, some 95pc of those questioned said they would like to be able to transfer money to friends or colleagues through a simple SMS on their handset.

Despite web-enabled smart phones practically becoming mainstream in the past couple of years, the humble SMS is still a hugely popular way of communicating. In fact, global research firm Gartner predicts that by the end of 2008, some 2.3 trillion text messages will have been sent worldwide.

The reason Anam Mobile and TR2 carried out this research is because the firms already provide a service called SMS Money Transfer, which requires that both the individual transferring and receiving subscribes to this service.

Would you like to see this service on your mobile operator so that everyone could use it with ease? The firms are currently in talks with several operators, so we may see this coming on stream within the next year.

Anam also provides SMS Topup, which cuts out the 9pc service charge that pay-as-you-go customers must fork out every time they buy a phone-credit voucher. The company claims that by introducing the SMS Money Transfer service, it could increase revenues of mobile operators globally by at least €3.6bn.

By Marie Boran