CampusIT serves 400,000 students in the cloud

6 Sep 2011

Irish education management systems provider CampusIT is now serving the needs of more than 400,000 higher education students around Europe on its cloud computing model.

CampusIT’s cloud-based student interaction software provides higher-education institutions with online and mobile solutions to communicate with their students in a simple and timely manner. It enables universities to engage with their students as active partners throughout their college lives, from student recruitment to discussion forums and graduation registrations.

This helps to deliver a better overall service to the students as they experience improved information sharing with their universities or colleges.

CampusIT is the backbone of some of the largest student management systems in Europe. It works with a range of higher-education institutes, the largest of which handles more than 20,000 registrations in a single month.

Cloud enables higher-education institutes to increase efficiencies

Higher-education institutes are under pressure to increase overall efficiencies due to an increasingly complex and competitive education landscape, changing student demands and funding cuts. This, coupled with an increase in storage and archiving requirements, and demand for computing power, is driving the move towards the efficiencies of cloud computing. Cloud computing is allowing higher-education institutions to easily and cost effectively manage these large resource requirements.

“Universities are leading the way in the move to cloud computing as they need computing power on demand and to provide resources to their ever-growing student populations,” Tony Sheridan, CEO, CampusIT, explained.

“Today’s students who have grown up with Amazon and Facebook now expect the same on-demand, convenient services from their education providers.

“In the UK, the Higher Education Funding Council for England recently announced an investment of stg£12.5m in cloud computing to help universities save costs in terms of their IT provisioning. Our cloud platform allows universities to achieve some of these efficiencies and cost savings and provide students with the collaborative communication they have come to expect from their universities.”

Photo: Tony Sheridan, CEO, CampusIT

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years