SETU creates 10 new scholarships thanks to the TU Rise fund

5 Jul 2024

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The 10 scholarships will provide financial support and pay fees for the chosen candidates, enabling them to fully engage in their research.

South East Technological University (SETU) has announced 10 new scholarships that will be funded for four years thanks to an Irish funding programme.

The scholarships will be funded through the Technological University Research and Innovation Supporting Enterprise programme – or TU Rise – which aims to support research in the country and boost engagement with regional businesses. A total of €13.6m has been awarded to SETU for TU Rise projects.

The programme launched last year with a fund of €84m from the Irish Government and the EU. SETU said the new scholarships supported by this fund reflect the TU’s commitment to fostering academic excellence and pioneering research.

SETU said the stipend and scholarship fees will provide financial support for the living expenses of the chosen candidates, enabling them to fully engage in their research.

“The TU Rise PhD scholarships are a testament to our commitment to supporting the next generation of researchers,” said SETU head of research Dr Geraldine Canny. “By providing these scholarships, we are not only investing in the future of our postgraduates but also in the future of research that will have a profound impact on society.”

The scholarships will support research across a diverse range of disciplines including science, technology, engineering and the humanities.

“These scholarships are not just about funding; they are about creating an environment where innovative ideas can flourish,” Canny said. “We are committed to providing our PhD students with the mentorship, resources and opportunities they need to become leaders in their fields.”

SETU said talented postgraduates from all backgrounds can apply for the scholarships. Find more information about how to apply on the SETU website.

Earlier this year, Atlantic Technological University launched 60 PhD scholarships thanks to funding from the TU Rise programme. The goal is for those applicants to serve as a bridge between the university and enterprises through placements.

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Leigh Mc Gowran is a journalist with Silicon Republic