Oracle reveals hardware vision: creates SPARC supercluster

3 Dec 2010

Oracle has unveiled its new SPARC Supercluster based on SPARC T3 and M5000 servers. It is one of the most important hardware announcements since Oracle acquired Sun for US$7.4bn and the first since former HP CEO Mark Hurd joined the company.

Oracle’s SPARC Supercluster is a complete infrastructure solution for running Oracle database RAC environments.

“The SPARC Supercluster is a new family of general purpose machines that includes software, servers, networking and storage,” said Oracle CEO Larry Ellison.

“The combination of Oracle’s world-class software, and the latest hardware innovations represented by the new SPARC T3-based servers, runs Oracle database faster than anything ever before.”

This is one of Oracle’s most significant enterprise-level hardware announcements since its acquisition of Sun Microsystems was approved earlier this year by the European Union.

Based upon the architecture used in Oracle’s new TPC-C world record, the SPARC Supercluster solution utilises new SPARC servers, FlashFire, InfiniBand QDR, Oracle Solaris, and the ZFS Storage Appliance.


Available in the next calendar year, the Oracle SPARC Supercluster will be available in T3-2, T3-4 and M5000-based configurations.

Specifically, all three SPARC Supercluster configurations include SPARC T3 or M5000 servers, Sun ZFS Storage 7420 servers, and Sun Network ZFS InfiniBand Gateway Switches.

With the addition of the SPARC Supercluster, Oracle continues to set the standard for database systems, maximising customer value with leading database performance in a complete and tested package.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years