Stuxnet-like malware targeting intellectual property

25 Nov 2010

Stuxnet, the malware that was used to intentionally target the Tehran uranium enrichment plant in Iran, has begun to crop up again in different guises, according to a team of security experts.

The experts from the Sans Institute – an information and computer training institute –  say they have found instances of “Stuxnet-like” malware tailored to attack specific systems, according to

Specific industry attacks

The team says they have witnessed up to four similar attacks targeting specific industries and that from the forensic evidence they could tell the attacks were seeking out intellectual property.

The attacks were “well organised” and “methodical”, according to the Sans Institute.

The continued threat of malware like the Stuxnet virus has industries on their toes since the attack in Iran. Indeed, defence contractors in the US have begun to branch out their services and tackle cyber attacks.