Apple announces September summit, iPhone 7 release date?

30 Aug 2016

The invites have been sent, the date confirmed and the next generation of iPhones is presumably being polished and photographed for the latest Apple extravaganza.

Amid a particularly turbulent time in Europe, Apple’s primary sales driver, the iPhone, is due an upgrade, with September the month fans of the company usually get to see the latest device.

No other company manages to pull off a product launch to such a degree, but Apple, despite worrying business figures coming from around the world and an imminent tax situation that has the world watching, continues to lure people in.

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iPhone 7

On 7 September in Cupertino, the company is hosting a special event. Expected there is the new iPhone 7, as well as a new MacBook Pro and Apple Watch, the latter a device that is particularly interesting.

Not quite taking off to the degree some had anticipated, Apple’s introduction to the wearables market with the Apple Watch last year started big, but seemed to fade away as the months passed.

However, it’s the iPhone 7 that most people are itching to see. Among the numerous rumours emerging over recent months, everything from 16GB minimum storage to home buttons and earphone jacks could be shelved for the new device.

In their place, a minimum 32GB storage, a whole new way to manage the interface, as well as lightning ports are expected. Wireless charging, fast becoming the norm at the premium end of the smartphone market, has also featured prominently in rumours so far.

In the meantime, Apple has plenty to ponder, with the European Commission’s ruling on the company’s tax status in Ireland one of the biggest such decisions in recent years.

Main Apple image via Shutterstock

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic