Apple to launch less costly 8GB iPhone 5c, relaunch ‘iPad 4’

18 Mar 2014

The Apple iPhone 5c

Consumer tech giant Apple is set to launch a less expensive version of its iPhone 5c in the coming days, along with a return of the fourth-generation iPad for entry-level users.

News site 9to5Mac revealed a series of leaked images from O2 Germany indicating that the latest iPhone 5c would come in at a lower spec but will be €60 less than the current 5c.

The source also spoke of the return of the fourth-generation iPad with Retina display, which has reportedly been shipped to stores ahead the announcement.

The less expensive iPhone 5c has been added to some European online stores, with the US and other countries expected to follow in the coming day or two.

Aside from less storage space, there appears to be no difference from the iPhone 5c’s 16GB older brother.

There is as yet no change to the O2 Ireland website with respect to the iPhone 5c, but the UK O2 site has the 8GB model priced at stg£409 off contract, which would follow the report of the device costing €60 less than the 16GB model.

The report by 9to5Mac follows an industry analysis by KGI last month, which predicted a fourth-generation iPad would be introduced instead of the iPad 2 as an entry-level tablet.

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic