Apple upgrades: iOS 9.1 released with more emojis than ever

22 Oct 2015

Apple’s latest suite of OS upgrades have just been released. Desktop and watches have gotten improvements but mobile users are the real winners, with iOS 9.1 offering people what they have always craved, yet more emojis.

Alongside a watchOS update, and an El Capitan update, iOS 9.1 is the eye-catching development, with Live Photos a new addition to Apple’s mobile arsenal.

Animated images (a bit like gifs), Live Photos react to your 6s Touch function, coming to life when you press down. There is also Apple TV and iPad Pro compatibility inclusions but it’s the emojis that people want, so that’s what we’ll discuss.

Included amongst the raft of Unicode-approved emoji (the first time that the full suite has ever been included) are the likes of champagne bottles, tacos, turkeys, lions and middle fingers.

There are plenty of new faces, locations, buildings and sports but, yes, your read that right, the middle finger will be the most utilised of all. Some of the new emoji, via Emojipedia, are included here:

iOS 9.1 emoji

Emojipedia has listed this emoji as its No.1 for a year now, with the first reports earlier this year incredibly popular.

iOS 9.1 also includes the Apple News app for UK users, which curates news for a bunch of partners like Time, The Guardian and The Economist.

Elsewhere, the watchOS fixes a couple of bugs and gets emojis, not much else, and El Capitan, the shiny new desktop OS, has a bunch of upgrades. For example, if Office 2016 was causing your machine to crash loads, it won’t anymore, and a few glitches with Mail have been sorted.

As with all major software updates they are rolled out gradually but check your Apple device, you may be able to upgrade right now.

Here is our review of iOS 9.

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Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic