Apple vs Android: Is iOS 8 or Android Lollipop the better OS? (infographic)

22 Jul 2015

Apple vs Android, a battle as old as time itself.

Well, not really, but Apple vs Android is the only battle that has ever really mattered (so far anyway) in the smartphone operating system space.

To the average consumer, the question of which system is ‘better’ can be pretty arbitrary, with most preferring one system over the other simply because they are more used to it, or for some other completely subjective reason.

However, to help those who may perhaps be thinking of investing in a new device, the folks at The Nine Hertz compiled this extremely detailed infographic comparing the two systems and outlining some of their key features.

Carried on Tech Infographics, it also outlines 20 ways to get the most out of each operating system, which is pretty cool and might even reveal something new to even the die-hard Android or iOS fans out there.

Apple vs Android: iOS 8 vs Lollipop



Apple vs lollipop image, via Shutterstock

Brigid O Gorman is a former sub-editor of Silicon Republic.