Dyson engineers a new tiny but light vacuum with digital motor

26 Jul 2013

Engineering powerhouse Dyson has introduced the first mains-powered vacuum cleaner to use a Dyson digital motor – the same motor that powers the company’s Airblade hand dryers.

The diminutive but deceptive DC48, which weighs just 2.7kg and generates 1050W, is designed for homes where space may be tight and is Dyson’s smallest ball vacuum cleaner yet.

The machine was initially designed for the Japanese market.

“Investing in our core technologies means we can develop leaner, more efficient machines,” explained inventor and CEO James Dyson.

“Using the new high-speed Dyson digital motor, we have developed a machine that is smaller and quieter, yet even more powerful.”

Integrating the Airblade motor was the key to creating a light but powerful device.

dyson dc49

The Dyson Digital Motor inside weighs 670g and is capable of a 1050W output – an AC motor generating the same power would weigh an average of 1.2kg.

In creating the machine more than 150 prototypes were developed using 35 full machines. New test rigs were developed to assess the machine’s performance.

The DC49 has more than 79 registered patents with 46 patents pending.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years