Google to sell movies through Google Play?

23 Mar 2012

Google is considering selling movies for Android devices through Google Play, formerly known as the Android Market, reports suggest.

CNET reports that the firm wants to offer users of Android devices the opportunity to buy movies from its revamped marketplace. It currently offers movies for rent on the store in certain regions.

Some sources have suggested that a number of Hollywood studios have asked Google to sell movies as a condition to let the search company offer movie rentals on Google Play. The service could offer movie sales from this summer.

Google launched Google Play a few weeks ago, which fuses the Android Market, Google Music and the Google eBookstore into one platform.

It aims to let users find and share music, apps, movies and books through their Android phones or tablets. It also offers the ability to store digital content online.

In the US, music, movies, books and apps are on Google Play while in the UK and Canada it offers music, books and apps. In Australia, it has books and apps and in Japan, it offers movies and apps.

For other regions, the service is the new location for Android apps. Google plans to roll out other content to different regions on Google Play across the world as it grows.