HP’s Data Vault targets SoHos

22 Jun 2010

The HP Data Vault X311 is an all-in-one storage solution aimed at space and resource-conscious SoHos and SMBs.

The HP Data Vault X311 is based on the Microsoft Windows Home Server platform and acts as a central base for automatically backing up and accessing files, documents, video, imagery and more from up to 10 computers across a network.

With media streaming and server for iTunes, the Data Vault is also an option for the entertainment-heavy home user as it streams content to any connected PC and centralises iTunes music libraries on the server for playback to any networked Mac or PC with iTunes installed.

It also comes with HP Photo Publisher for easy uploading of photos to image-sharing sites, including Facebook, and has Photo Viewer for sharing images with friends or colleagues.

On a more business-oriented note, the Data Vault also does PC and Mac hard drive backup as well as server and online backup that designates a shared folder to run on a separate hard drive as well as to an online backup service to store duplicates for any data you choose.

The Data Vault has a 1.6GHz Intel Atom Dual Core processor with 2GB of RAM, four USB ports, one eSata port and 1TB of storage with the option to scale up to 17TB.

The HP Data Vault X311 is available in June starting at €399.