Mobile advertising guidelines agreed

7 Jun 2007

The Dublin-headquartered organisation behind the .mobi domain has backed the mobile advertising guidelines developed by the international Mobile Marketing Association.

The guidelines, which are in their fourth revision, are the first step made by the Mobile Marketing Association’s (MMA) Mobile Advertising Committee towards defining the mobile advertising landscape.

“The guidelines are designed to stimulate the growth of mobile marketing by establishing a consistent global advertising guideline and best practice for the growth of the mobile advertising industry,” explained Laura Marriot, president of the MMA.

“These guidelines will continue to evolve as the market matures in order to serve the burgeoning mobile marketplace,” Marriot added.

According to eMarketer, mobile marketing and advertising in the US will grow from US$421m in 2006 to US$4.8bn in 2011 – accounting for 12pc of total online advertising spending.

Dublin-based .Mobi last month claimed 500,000 .mobi domain names have been registered since it was set up last October.

The consortium, which also has offices in Washington and Beijing, said the continual growth of .mobi registrations illustrates that content developers are focused on delivering quality sites and applications to mobile phones.

The domains have been registered in 104 countries since October and millions of mobile handset-tailored content pages are now available for phone users. Some leading brands that have .mobi domains include Fox, BMW, Scandinavian Airlines, Ferrari, Rolls Royce, CNN, BusinessWeek and Maxim.

The organisation responsible for the domain .mobi is backed by a consortium of tech industry giants including Microsoft, HP, Vodafone, 3, the GSM Association, Orange, Nokia, Samsung and Sun.

The organisation’s chief executive Neil Edwards said: “Having industry organisations such as the MMA develop standards, guidelines and best practices for the mobile platform is essential to the growth and success of the mobile Internet.

“Our mission is to be the leader and driving force behind that growth,” Edwards said.

By John Kennedy