Palm boosts memory

22 Apr 2003

Handheld manufacturer Palm claims that it has accomplished a sevenfold increase in memory for its line of devices.

Palm Solutions and PalmSource, the hardware and software arms of the company, collaborated on the project that extends the amount of RAM (random access memory) possible from the current 16MB to 128MB. The new development means that users now will be able to carry more images, video, music, applications and documents on future Palm handhelds.

“The range of potential next-generation hardware and software solutions expands tremendously with this innovation from Palm Solutions engineers,” said Steve Manser, senior vice-president of product development for Palm Solutions Group. “Our memory advance means customers can be confident they’ll have what they need to deploy robust business applications or rich multimedia.”

Palm no doubt will be hoping the innovation will help it compete with the rival Windows-based Pocket PC standard and the increasing incursion on the handheld space by newer mobile phones. Although a market leader in the handheld space, Palm faces increasing competition and a declining market. Last month, Palm Solutions had to lay off 200 workers, almost 15pc of its workforce.

By Dick O’Brien