Police arrest man for building nuclear reactor in kitchen

2 Aug 2011

Police in Sweden have arrested a 31-year-old man after he asked the Swedish Radiation Authority whether it was legal to build a nuclear reactor in one’s kitchen.

The man in Ängelholm, Sweden, who has been interested in nuclear physics since he was a teenager, began building the reactor six months ago. He even chronicled his efforts on a blog, ordered radioactive material from abroad and acquired more material by taking apart a domestic fire alarm. The project has reportedly cost him US$950.

Authorities took notice of the man’s activities after he contacted the Swedish Radiation Authority about the legality of building the reactor at home.

The authority responded that someone would come to his flat to measure the levels of radiation at the premises.

Someone did show up at his door, with the police in tow.

Police arrested the man, questioned him and later released him. The man had admitted his plans to officers, who seized all of his equipment. He said he will refrain from any more such projects in the future.