Qik connects with Facebook

21 Apr 2009

Qik’s mobile video-streaming service has become the first of its kind to integrate with Facebook Connect for direct video uploading to the social-networking site.

Facebook Connect, which allows users to easily post and share information from third-party applications, will now give the option to use as your status update both the title of and link to your Qik video upload.

Your activity on Qik.com will now also feed through to Facebook; if you leave a comment on someone else’s Qik video, then this will appear in your newsfeed, and in the other person’s newsfeed if they are also on Facebook.

Other useful elements of Qik’s integration with Facebook include: if you follow someone new on Qik, you have the option to include this in your newsfeed, and auto-login means that once you’re in Facebook you will be logged into Qik.

Live mobile video-streaming service Qik is also integrated with Nokia’s Ovi Share service, allowing users unlimited video uploads through the mobile manufacturer’s photo and video-sharing portal.

By Marie Boran