Review: Logitech iPad speaker stand

2 Jun 2012

In less than three years its incredible how Apple’s iPad has become the repository of so many elements of our digital lives. Books, movies, social networks, maps, apps and yes, music. The Logitech iPad speaker stand has the potential to convert your iPad into a boom box, a TV and if you wish a desktop computer.

I’ve always been a big fan of Logitech’s products. I’ve known them from the day they made basic peripherals like PC mice and PC speakers and in recent years I’ve been impressed at the quality and style of their MP3/iPod/iPhone docks.

I have one in my kitchen that must be at least three years old that not only booms music from my iPhone and creates a surround sound experience but acts as a radio, alarm clock and if I sweep my hand over it all the light spark up. With a remote control I can control my iPhone’s music selection or switch to radio from across the room. It’s magical.

Using an auxiliary jack I usually plug in my iPad to see a greater selection of my music, watch Netflix or catch-up on TV. But usually this means messing with wires and making sure I can prop up the iPad.

So when the opportunity came up to check out Logitech’s iPad speaker stand I jumped.

Design and engineering

The stand is another example of the talented design and engineering work that happens at Logitech.

It is sturdy with the speakers built into the base and the iPad slides smoothly into a frame and connects with the connector port.

stand 2

It features a hinge that allows you to swing your iPad from portrait to landscape in a fluid, elegant movement.

Because the speakers in the base of the stand are pointed upwards it took me a while to get used to the sound quality as my usual speaker dock projectss the music outward rather than upward. But as a sound system it is faultless and sonically it has quite a good range.

There are only three buttons – power and volume up and down – so its not a complex product to get used to and it very quickly becomes useful for watching TV and movies, cruising YouTube or listening to the radio.

Another bonus is it charges up your iPad while you’re using it.

stand 3


The only thing I felt that was missing was a remote control. On the base of the product there looks to be an infra-red port so I’m sure Logitech can come up with compatible controllers or failing that there are surely apps that can let you use your iPhone as a volume control for the iPad? It’s all possible, but a remote controller would have been handy.

That said, Logitech and other manufacturers also produce wireless keyboards that work with the iPad so imagine how easily you could convert your iPad into a desktop computer by combining the speakers and keyboard. Simple.

At only €49.99 in most computer stores Logitech’s iPad speaker stand is an inexpensive investment when you consider how much it allows users to expand on their investment in the iPad.


John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years