Tracking the growth in mobile spending in Ireland (infographic)

15 Mar 2012

Data has been collated by the organisers of Techovate, the B2B conference that takes place in Wexford from 21-22 March

Figures on mobile spending that will be presented at the Techovate 2012 B2B conference at Wexford Opera House next week show how consumers appear to be migrating to the smartphone and tablet space for their shopping needs.

According to the data collated by Techovate: 

  • 43pc of Irish consumers bought online last year, compared to 36pc the previous year.
  • Some 63pc of Irish smartphone users spend more that an hour on social networking sites every day.
  • 37pc of Irish people have downloaded five or more apps in the last year.
  • 30pc of Google searches in Ireland are from mobile devices.

Techovate conference organiser Brendan Ennis said the figures confirm that Irish consumers are part of a worldwide movement towards buying books, clothes and flights on mobile devices. He said it was vital that Irish businesses keep on top of this trend.

Senior executives from some IT giants, including Microsoft, Google, IBM, Facebook and LinkedIn, will be at the Techovate conference in Wexford to share with local entrepreneurs how to innovate and survive in the challenging economic climate. Internet entrepreneur, investor and venture capitalist Bill Liao will also be speaking as part of the line-up.


Carmel Doyle was a long-time reporter with Silicon Republic