5 tips to make Viber all the better

23 May 2016

There are always ways to squeeze a little more out of your smartphone, with communications tools the apps in which you spend most of your time. So, check out these Viber tips.

Viber users like the medium for two primary reasons: calls and stickers. However, gradually Viber rivals have added similar services, so it has had to adapt to its users and improve on itself consistently.

But are you getting everything you can out of the purple monster? Probably not, actually, so here are five tools we’ve found helpful since they were pointed out to us.

1. Hide your status

Revealing too much about yourself is never ideal, so you can hide your online status, or stop people from knowing when you’ve read messages, with ease. It can be particularly helpful for messages from people complaining about how late you are (always worse if you read a message and ignore it).

On the main Viber page, click on settings and go into your privacy options. Untick the ’send seen status’ and you’re good.

Hide status Viber tips

2. Turn off light screen

One of the more annoying aspects of Viber when you install it first is its default notifications settings. For example, when you receive a message – even when your screen is locked – you might notice a giant Viber message lighting up your screen.

Considering lock screens are supposed to save battery power, this setting is relatively pointless. So, to turn it off, go to ‘settings’, ‘notifications’ and then disable ‘light screen’. Done.

3. Doodle

This, I didn’t know. When you send or receive images on Viber, you can doodle on them if you so wish. Open up a chat where an image has been received and click on it. There should be a three-dot settings button at the top.

Tap on that and a ‘Doodle on this photo’ option is there. When you’re in, you can choose some fairly rudimentary Microsoft Paint-esque tools. But it’s quite cool.

Viber tips

4. Smart notifications

Some people tend to press ‘send’ as often as they do space.

  • So you get
  • a message
  • like this
  • that could really
  • have been
  • written on
  • one single line
  • lol 🙂

So turn on ‘smart notifications’, which will make the above eight messages turn into one single notification. So, go into a chat where this annoying person is tapping away to you and swipe left. Then turn on smart notifications.

Viber tips

5. Conversation gallery

There are chats that you may be in that have been ongoing for years now, with dozens of files, images and links sent between you and your mates. If you’re trying to find something in particular that you are sure a particular friend, in a particular group, sent you ages ago there’s a quick way to find it.

Again swipe left on the chat and go to ‘media’. Done!

Viber tips

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic