Weekend Takeaway: Breakthrough ideas

9 Nov 2018

Image: © tiero/Stock.adobe.com

Sci-tech reading for the weekend, including amazing AI breakthroughs, foldable phones and science discoveries.

Breakthrough as Nuritas reveals bioactive ingredient delivered through AI

woman with dark hair and black halterneck top beside man in blue shirt tracing lines on a futuristic screen.

Dr Nora Khaldi and Dr Emmet Browne of Nuritas. Image: Kieran Hartnett

Dr Nora Khaldi’s Dublin start-up and BASF are claiming a new breakthrough as a world first.

Facebook expanding in Ireland as it acquires Ballsbridge campus

A planned rendering of the new Facebook campus featuring a glass roof and a large atrium.

A planned image of the new campus, which will be located in Ballsbridge. Image: Hume Brophy/Transparent House

Facebook says it is expanding its presence in Ireland by acquiring a lease for a new campus in Ballsbridge, Co Dublin.

Samsung reveals foldable smartphone that unfurls into a tablet computer

A close-up of a Samsung chip on a circuit board.

Image: © Brian/Stock.adobe.com

It seems the future is foldable as Samsung unveils its Infinity Flex Display foldable smartphone that doubles as a tablet computer.

Scientists find way to tweak ‘happiness hormone’ to control cancer immunity

3d rendered image of white blood cells attacking a cancer cell.

Image: © Sebastian Kaulitzki/Stock.adobe.com

A team of scientists in Vienna, including an Irish researcher, has made a substantial breakthrough that could help us fight cancer in a new way.

Graphene breakthrough brings us one step closer to cleaner fuels

Narrow gap looking into the distance of a giant solar farm against a blue sky.

Image: © gui yong nian/Stock.adobe.com

Researchers have found a way to pack graphene even tighter, taking us a step closer to producing hydrogen and other cleaner fuels.

Satellite images reveal remains of lost continents hidden under Antarctica

A white telecoms dome on four legs against the backdrop of Antarctic ice and blue sky.

Image: © staphy/Stock.adobe.com

The latest satellite imagery from ESA has helped uncover images of the remnants of lost continents deep beneath ice sheets at Antarctica.

Blockchain blockers: Why roll-outs are being held up

Picture of a chain breaking.

Image: © Romolo Tavani/Stock.adobe.com

Western countries risk being left behind by China in the race for the development of blockchain.

How do we avoid a post-quantum apocalypse?

young woman with long dark brown hair wearing short sleeved mustard shirt and red lanyard working in front of two computer screens at a desk.

Sarah McCarthy. Image: TechWatch

TechWatch’s Emily McDaid talks to CSIT’s Sarah McCarthy about cryptography and the need for secure digital ID in a post-quantum world.

Three to invest £2bn in roll-out of 5G infrastructure across UK

Picture of two signs with 4G pointed left and 5G pointed right to signal the future of mobile.

Image: © Jane/Stock.adobe.com

Three UK CEO claims 5G will allow users to ditch fixed-line broadband.

Amazon addresses staff worries about facial recognition and law enforcement

Police car with red and blue lights shining at night time.

Image: © Diogo/Stock.adobe.com

Amazon has been criticised in recent times for licensing its facial recognition software system to government and law enforcement agencies in the US.