Planes, trains and automobiles make life easy (infographic)

21 Aug 2015

There’s a lot to be said about modern modes of transport, with planes, trains and automobiles getting us everywhere we want to be faster than ever before.

Now iconic trips that previously seemed deathly dangerous, are mere drives down a few motorways. For example, in the Middle Ages trips from northern France to Rome would take years.

Travelling from east India into Beijing, via boat, would take an age in the 1400s. As recently as the 19th century, getting from Chicago to Los Angeles took over a season.

But the industrial revolution started a change, with mechanics coming on leaps and bounds. Railways were built, airplanes invented and cars created.

Iconic trips

Now we can drive the width of Ireland in a couple of hours, fly from Heathrow to JFK in a few hours and welcome returning emigrants home for Christmas with frightening regularity.

We can even send photographers to Pluto.

This infographic from shows, in just three examples, how much better we have it now.

Iconic journeys - modern transportMain image via Shutterstock


Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic