NI firm creates self-healing software platform

19 Jun 2009

Derry-based software player Singularity has developed an autonomic computing platform that is self-learning and self-healing and will cater for managing next-generation IT operations.

A vendor of Business Process Management (BPM) software, Singularity’s autonomic solution enables organisations to define and automate standard operational processes for managing their computer systems.

It also enables the organisation to learn from previously resolved problems, providing the ‘autonomic’ or self-healing capability of the solution.

Autonomics is a fast-growing technology sector focused on automating the operational management of IT hardware and software. As IT systems and applications have become more complex, so have the processes for managing and supporting them at large organisations. This complexity is driven even further with the advent of cloud computing and the growth of data and server centres.

IT operations centers require large numbers of highly trained technical staff to configure existing systems, install new ones and locate, identify and resolve operational problems.

Singularity’s solution aims to simplify IT operational management and reduce manual overheads. The benefits for operations managers include reduced operational expenditure, better service levels for their organisation, better change and configuration management, better reporting, and in-built adherence to the main industry standard, ITIL. 

Autonomics refers to computer systems capable of learning and self-management. In an autonomic solution, instead of prescribing exactly what the system should do, a human operator specifies general rules and constraints, leaving the detailed decisions to the system. From that point, the system manages itself within the boundaries set by the operator. Singularity’s solution ‘learns’ from previous problem fixes, building up a library of cases.

When it sees a problem it recognises from a previous trouble-ticket, it can automatically distribute the correct patch or fix without requiring human intervention.

“We’re very excited to publicly launch the solution, which is currently in beta with a large multinational client,” said Singularity’s Liam Murray.

“Most clients struggle to develop an accurate model of the systems and applications they are managing when they attempt to automate their operations management. Our unique strength is our ability to automatically identify all systems and applications being managed and the dependencies and interrelationships between them.

“We can also automate what are known as ‘non-deterministic’ processes via Case Management that no other vendor can support,” Murray added.

By John Kennedy

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years