TCD research partners with Japanese tech giant

27 Feb 2008

An important research partnership has been formed between Trinity College Dublin’s Centre for Telecommunications Value Chain Research (CTVR) and NEC Communication Systems, which is part of the Japanese technology giant NEC Group.

This partnership will explore the newly emerging field of all-optical networking, which is aimed at developing high-speed and low-cost internet access using optical fibre.

The Research Council for Science, Technology & Engineering (IRCSET) will be supporting the partnership by providing funding that will contribute to the employment of the postdoctoral researchers and PhD students involved in the research.

“This partnership is evidence that the investment programme into science, technology and innovation, spearheaded by Science Foundation Ireland and other state agencies, like IRCSET, is really working,” said Professor Donal O’Mahony, director of CTVR.

“This collaborative research will allow us to assemble world-class research talent, which will ultimately lead to wealth-generating economic activity downstream.”

In July 2007, CTVR’s research on wireless technology to develop cheap mobile communications over Wi-Fi hotspots won the centre €400,000 in funding from Enterprise Ireland to help bring the concept to commercialisation.

By Marie Boran