UCC launches professional IS masters

21 May 2004

Addressing a perceived need within the technology industry for information systems professionals, University College Cork today revealed that it has created a new Masters Degree in Professional Information Practices, with a strong business slant.

As part of this degree, students learn to focus on business deliverables and business interactions through an integrated consulting project which runs across multiple modules of the programme. In addition, students work in groups on a new business project in which they develop an innovative idea into a prototype and draw up a viable business plan.

According to UCC, the programme boasts the support and interest of a number of leading professionals in industry and mentoring input from specifically selected industry practitioners is provided.

The degree is not just aimed at technology graduates, but is also aimed at mature students and honours’ graduates from business, humanities or other disciplines, who have studied computing as part of their degree.

The Business Information Systems (BIS) group at UCC is comprised of a team of over 30 academics and researchers who are actively involved in teaching and in a diverse range of Information Systems research initiatives. BIS has established itself as a leading contributor to the Irish software industry and has a proven track record in producing graduates with a well balanced blend of business and technical skills.

“We have identified a growing need within industry for IS Professionals with skills grounded in professional practice and we now have a programme which will satisfy that need,” explained Ciaran Murphy, Bank of Ireland Professor of Business Information Systems at UCC.

“This one-year taught programme will provide students with a coherent portfolio of business, management and consultancy skills, as well as enhancing their knowledge of IS concepts and core technical skills,” he added.

By John Kennedy