Weekend Takeaway: From brainwave breakthroughs to blockchain

26 Oct 2018

Image: ©alex-shi/Stock.adobe.com

This weekend, enjoy some essential reading on everything from a new device that is said to enhance crucial brainwaves, to blockchain’s potential when it comes to agriculture in Ireland.

New brainwave device shown to boost memory performance

Human brain model on a background of brain waves from electroencephalography.

Image: © Teeradej/Stock.adobe.com

Researchers at University of California, Davis, have revealed a device they claim enhances brainwaves crucial to our ability to recall information.

How could blockchain transform the Irish beef industry?

Fresh raw beef steaks on a wooden platter, resting on a black surface.

Image: © boophuket/Stock.adobe.com

A new report from Deloitte, Beefing Up The Blockchain, identifies several ways blockchain could improve the beef supply chain.

A Labrador dog’s colour could be linked to a lower life expectancy

A chocolate, golden and black Labradors with tongues out, lying on a field.

Image: © Farinoza/Stock.adobe.com

When it comes to choosing a particular colour of Labrador dog, it might be worth bearing in mind that going with a chocolate-coloured one could see you getting another new dog sooner than you think.

Ireland reveals tough new rules for landlords using Airbnb

A picture of three georgian doors in dublin painted green, white and gold.

Image: © Delphotostock/Stock.adobe.com

Under tough new rules, professional landlords will have to secure commercial planning permission from their local authority in order to lease their properties on a short-term basis.

Zendesk co-founder Morten Primdahl shares his secrets to success

A young man with brown hair smirking into the camera with a red wall emblazoned with the Zendesk logo behind him.

Morten Primdahl, co-founder of Zendesk. Image: Emily O’Callaghan.

“I think when people leave university, they vastly underestimate themselves and their capabilities. They should strive to find a place where they can be creative and be part of the solution … not just being told what to do.”

10 cool start-ups from Cambridge to watch

A view of Cambridge from the river on an autumnal evening.

Image: © IRstone/Stock.adobe.com

This picturesque university city is home to some cutting-edge AI and big-data start-ups.

6 tips for someone who wants to be a software developer

A software developer looking at an open laptop with code on the screen. The desk has a jar of pens and an elastic band ball.

Image: © Rawpixel.com/Stock.adobe.com

What are the secrets to success in software development?

State of AI in Europe: How EQ is core to the business

Two men and a woman stand under a purple neon sign emblazoned with the words AI.

From left: Kieran McCorry, Microsoft Ireland; Cathriona Hallahan, Microsoft Ireland; and Simon MacAllister, EY Ireland. Image: Naoise Culhane

Research jointly conducted by Microsoft and EY delves into the impact AI will have on core business processes.

National Broadband Plan could be six times more expensive than planned

Fibre optic cabling being laid in the ground in a red, plastic tube surrounded by soil.

Image: © rdonar/Stock.adobe.com

While an exact figure has not been reported, it is estimated the final cost of the NBP could be close to – if not more than – €3bn, making it six times more expensive than the original estimate of €500m.

‘I think people don’t focus enough on accessibility in tech’

A smiling young black woman with her hair up, wearing a blue top, sitting in a leather chair with a red curtain behind her.

Ire Aderinokun, developer. Image: Florian Ziegler

“If the people calling the shots take it more seriously, the people creating the websites will have to as well. It’s similar to how performance has become more important.”