Adobe improves the photo album in your pocket

27 Aug 2008

You may not be able to tweak your photos from your mobile phone with professional editing software just yet, but Adobe has announced that it will be bringing its picture browsing and sharing application to the mobile handset this September as a free download.

This new application will allow users to store up to 5GB of pictures online or 20GB if they are members, however, it will only work on select phones that use Windows Mobile as their operating system.

The Moto Q and Moto Q Music from Motorola, the Blackjack I and II from Samsung and the Palm Treo 750w are so far the only phones listed that will be able to install Photoshop Mobile.

The application allows users to upload pictures online to their mobile – fairly standard – but also allows access to an attractive-looking online gallery that family and friends can access too.

Basically, this new app is like a mobile addition to the recent Photoshop Express (now known as which is a photo-sharing site but lets users do some basic tweaks such as adjusting colours, distorting images and changing the size of certain elements – fun things that make it appealing to the casual user who wants to throw up some quick and fun images on their Facebook account.

For those of you who do not possess a Windows Mobile smart phone there are other ways to access and share your pictures online: the Nokia NSeries has a specific Flickr application for uploading, sharing and tagging, while the Apple App Store also has a free Flickr application for download to use with the iPhone and iPhone 3G.

Another exciting development from the Yahoo!-owned Flickr is a geo-tagging option for uploading photos. The ZoneTag, which can be installed on compatible Nokia and Motorola phones, uses location information from nearby cell phone towers to determine where your picture was taken.

Heading to shows a wonderful aerial display of the earth from Google Maps accompanied by geo-tagged pictures using Flickr, Google and This, like Flickr’s basic account and the Adobe photo sharing site, is free making it increasingly easier to share and tag your digital memories.

By Marie Boran