Blog Digest

14 Oct 2009

Blogging, as a grassroots form of communication, is often seen as an activity carried out by the individual, but all the global technology companies have blog networks, and here in Ireland there are ideal platforms to spread news. Here are a few worth following.

Ronan Geraghty’s Blog

Ronan Geraghty is part of the Developer and Platform Group at Microsoft Ireland, specifically the BizSpark programme manager.

For entrepreneurs and small businesses looking for information on what Microsoft has to offer and how it can help their business development, Geraghty’s blog is an ideal starting point.

SmartCamp Ireland

IBM Ireland has a nice online community, including a network of blogs of which you can become a member, but one of the most useful to start-ups here in Ireland is the SmartCamp Ireland blog.

SmartCamp is IBM’s mentoring and advice bootcamp for entrepreneurs and this blog is tracking the process as well as delivering related news.

By Marie Boran

Photo: Ronan Geraghty’s blog.