Google’s Chrome is now at more than 10pc of browsers globally

2 Feb 2011

Google’s Chrome browser is now used by more than 10pc of internet users worldwide, according to the latest research from Net Applications. Meanwhile, Apple’s iOS mobile operating system accounts for more than 2pc of web traffic worldwide.

Chrome surpassed 10pc share of global browser usage for the first time in January by gaining 0.72pc share month to month.

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 8.0 showed strong growth in January, gaining 1.15pc share month to month (1.18pc including custom editions).

The latest beta version of Internet Explorer, Internet Explorer 9 surpassed 0.5pc usage share worldwide. Windows 7 remains the largest user base of Internet Explorer 9, and it now accounts for 1.82pc usage on Windows 7 worldwide.

2pc of global internet traffic on iOS devices

Apple’s iOS, which runs the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, reached 2.06pc of all global browsing in January, passing 2pc for the first time.

This growth trend accelerated over Christmas, which follows the typical pattern for Apple consumer devices.

iOS is the third largest source of global browsing traffic after the Mac OS (5.2pc) and Windows (89.7pc). According to Net Applications, Google’s Android is the sixth largest source with 0.49pc.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years