iOS and Android ‘tied’ as most desirable operating systems

1 Dec 2010

Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android were more or less tied for the most desirable mobile operating systems, research from Nielsen suggests.

Data gathered by the research firm showed that Apple’s iOS had a slight lead on Android among US smartphone upgraders at 30pc. Android followed at 28pc.

Apple’s lead was shown in users aged between 18 to 24, 25 to 34 and over 55.

Current smartphone owners who wanted a new phone had a stronger preference for the iPhone at 35pc. Some 28pc of smartphone upgraders wanted an Android device.

Some 29.7pc of US mobile subscribers now own smartphones, with the most popular devices being the iPhone and BlackBerry devices, both tied at 27pc ownership in the research.

Twenty-two per cent of smartphone owners had Android phones.

The research also showed that women were more likely to prefer iPhones and slightly more men preferred Android smartphones.