Legoizer is a pointlessly brilliant Lego art-building tool

8 Jun 2015

How can you take a picture of two foxes hanging out and turn it into a Lego-built piece of art? Well, you could spend hours working out what goes where, or you could just use the Legoizer!

The internet opens up a swathe of possibilities and helpful tools, some life-changing, others just nostalgically satisfying.

Put Legoizer into the latter category.

The service is oh-so-simple. Drop a picture into the upload box, give it a few seconds and then read, in detail, exactly how to recreate it into Lego art.

It lists the exact number of blocks you need, the exact breakdown of colours (some very specific colours) and then a helpful row-by-row instruction guide.

For example, in the fox image you need just three black bricks, for the nose. The below image, however, requires 225 red blocks to help make up just a slender strip of the Hubble Telescope’s fine picture of Jupiter.Jupiter made from Lego

Endless fun.

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic