SpamTitan Technologies launches social media cost calculator

2 Mar 2011

Businesses can now understand the cost of social networking in the office and then, if necessary, implement control measures, such as web-filtering tools, with the help of SpamTitan Technologies’ Social Media Cost Calculator.

The WebTitan social media cost calculator is a tool that also allows human resource (HR) professionals to approximate an annual cost of social media activity to the business based on average salary.

For example, according to the WebTitan Social Media Cost Calculator, if every employee spent just 20 minutes a day on non-work-related social media activity, it would cost a company with 100 employees on an average salary of $25k more than $50,000 a year.

Such potential for lost productivity has major cost implications, especially for small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

“The need for businesses to ensure social networking activity in the workplace is responsible and productive is fast becoming a major HR issue,” said SpamTitan Technologies’ CEO Ronan Kavanagh.

“Our Social Media Cost Calculator is one way for IT to give visibility and in turn help HR exercise more control over the proper use of Web 2.0 so that these tools can safely play their part in bringing benefits to the business.”

‘Having clear visibility of internet usage across the organisation has been an invaluable aid to determining our internet usage policy,” said Tony Dervan, HR manager, EssentialSkillz.

“Some of our employees need access to social networking as part of their job but many do not. Using the social media cost calculator has allowed us to manage internet productivity much more accurately.”