The digital strategist who will drive the online gaming revolution

29 Jul 2010

Entrepreneur Dylan Collins has sold three technology start-ups. Ireland, he says, must play to win.

For Dylan Collins, an entrepreneur who is now guiding the world’s biggest games retailer, GameStop, on its digital strategy, we are at that precise moment in history when the crossover of all media – newspapers, music, games, movies – from physical to online, is happening. The networks are there and the vessels through which all this content can be carried – iPads, smartphones, netbooks and web-connected TVs – are arriving in our lives as we speak.

If any parent in Ireland is looking for a role model for their child now that law, banking and property are no longer fashionable, Tipperary native Dylan Collins’ story is inspirational.

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John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years