The new music revolution: iPhone users to remix their own albums

17 Feb 2009

A 10-track iPhone app from Grammy-nominated electronic artist Deadmau5 has been developed by an Irish technology company called Future Audio Workshop.

The app lets anyone with an iPhone mix and remix every song on the album.

It is understood that Future Audio Workshop has plans to extend the technology to several other electronic albums.

The company’s music app is already featuring as part of content that is in the top 10 iPhone apps in the US.

The DeadMau5 iPhone App lets users load 10 DeadMau5 tracks into the dual-track playback engine, allowing them to mix tracks and increase beats per minute (BPM), loop a phase and cross-fade like a professional DJ.

Galway firm Future Audio Workshop was set up by former digital signal processing (DSP) engineer Gavin Burke while he was working in France. He joined forces with colleagues in Germany with a view to releasing a synthesiser product that did away with the use of the computer mouse in music production, focusing instead on the touchscreen.

“We saw an emerging market with the launch of the Apple App Store, and released software for the iPhone that features in most Apps top 10 charts.”

Burke said that because Apple won’t provide Future Audio Workshop access to MP3s on the iTunes music store, the company released its product through tie-ups with content-producing artists like DeadMau5 for the iPhone and iPod touch platforms.

According to Burke, Future Audio Workshop is focused on organic growth. “Our model is the German family business where we aim to build up a company of 20 or 30 people doing something specialist and of high quality. We’re in it for the long haul.”

By John Kennedy