Yahoo and AP sign new content deal

2 Feb 2010

The Associated Press has just signed a new deal with Yahoo for an undisclosed sum to license out AP content to the Yahoo news portal.

Associated Press (AP) has had an ongoing content deal with Yahoo since 1998 to provide text, images and video to the news site but there is no information on whether the non-profit organisation’s renewed deal renegotiated the current fee significantly although it follows news of AP’s first downturn in revenue for some time.

“There’s not a whole lot we can say, given the confidentiality of the agreement,” Carrie Davis, a spokeswoman for Yahoo, told the New York Times.

Although AP also provides some content to Google News, the contract between the two companies recently expired, with no fresh AP content posted to the news site by Google since December 2009.

However, AP executives and some publishers have suggested that AP be compensated if its content, in the form of links and headlines, shows up in internet searches or on news aggregation sites.

By Marie Boran