BBC iPlayer Radio app begins its global rollout in Ireland

7 Jul 2016

As part of a global rollout of its iPlayer Radio app, the BBC has chosen Ireland as the first country outside the UK to be able to access all of the broadcaster’s radio content on the go.

There are few broadcasters out there that can claim to match the amount of radio content put out by the BBC, with more than a dozen radio stations covering everything from music to in-depth political discussions.

The only problem is, for those of us outside of the UK’s borders, our ability to access that content digitally is limited to podcasts a day or more after the broadcast originally aired, or even engaging in some VPN trickery.

Those in the UK, however, are able to access all of the stations on mobile via its iPlayer Radio app, which, like many of the radio apps that exist here in Ireland, offers live coverage.

However, it’s now been confirmed that the UK’s nearest neighbour, Ireland, is to be the first country to be allowed to access the iPlayer Radio app outside of the UK as part of a planned global rollout.

66m BBC World Service listeners

In a statement released by the broadcaster, it said the decision comes following evidence that 66m people across the world reportedly listen to the BBC World Service broadcast in English, and these listeners will now also get access to other content.

The app is now available for a free download on iOS, Android and Amazon’s operating system in Ireland, but no details yet have been revealed on when other countries will also be able to access it.

James Montgomery, digital development director of BBC News and Current Affairs, said of its launch: “We hope that the app will be a destination on mobile home screens for audiences around the world that want to explore the breadth of BBC radio, from news and current affairs to drama, comedy and music.

“This launch also comes at a time when the UK is at the centre of a huge news story that the BBC is helping to explain to audiences worldwide.”

Antique BBC microphone image via seeshooteatrepeat/Shutterstock

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic