Line partners with Sony to launch new music-streaming service

15 Dec 2014

Messaging app Line has partnered with two record labels with the aim of providing a new subscription-based music-streaming service.

The newly established Line Music Corporation is backed by Sony Music Entertainment and Avex Digital, a Japan-based label, and is currently in the process of strategising with both companies on how best to utilise their content.

According to Line, the new partnership intends “to provide opportunities for users to be exposed to new music, and to further develop and accelerate the expansion of the music industry as a whole by creating all new ways of enjoying music in the smartphone era.”

Line was established in 2011 and, though not particularly popular in Ireland, it operates in much the same way as Viber and What’sApp, allowing free messaging, voice calls and video calls anytime via iPhones and Android devices.

The company says it will make further announcements regarding the new music streaming service when detailed information is finalised.

Mobile music image via Shutterstock

Dean Van Nguyen was a contributor to Silicon Republic