Nintendo Switch: 6 games you can play on the console

21 Oct 2016

Still from ‘First Look at Nintendo Switch’. Image: Nintendo/YouTube

It seems Nintendo can’t stop releasing consoles of late, as the new Nintendo Switch blows gamers out of the water with its unique approach to multiplayer gaming.

Where Nintendo planned to go with its first major console release in four years was anyone’s guess – especially following the disappointing sales of the Wii U – but judging by gamer reaction, it appears that the Nintendo Switch has gone down rather well.

Based on the release trailer – which didn’t shy away from revealing features – the Switch is a semi-modular console squarely aimed at a mobile gaming generation.

Reminiscent of the now discontinued Project Ara by Google, the Switch lets the player remove the base of the console to play whatever game they want on the go – either as a stand-alone unit or with detachable controllers to be used for two-player gaming.

In a nostalgic return to multiplayer games that actually meant playing with people physically around you, two Switch consoles can be connected wirelessly to play in four-player mode, with each player taking one controller each.

March 2017 release date

Based on what has been shown in the trailer for the console once known as the NX, Nintendo is banking a lot of its future on the Switch, with a massive nod towards its possible future use in eSports.

Players competing with one another in arenas has exploded in popularity around the world – particularly in Asia – and the suggestion is that its adaptability and portability will make it a competition favourite.

But what games will people be playing when the console is released in March 2017?

Nintendo hasn’t confirmed anything just yet but according to the trailer, there are six core games that will accompany its release:

  • The Legend of Zelda
  • The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim
  • Mario Kart
  • NBA 2K17 (or another basketball game)
  • A new Super Mario game
  • Splatoon

While it is likely Nintendo is just showcasing its core games, the point of using these six was probably to highlight the different ways of playing the portable, modular console.

Nintendo has confirmed that nearly 50 developers and publishers have signed up to support the Switch, so watch this space for what else is likely to come out.

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic