PopCap Games brings Bejeweled to Windows Phone 7

26 Oct 2010

PopCap Games has launched Bejeweled LIVE for Windows Phone 7, focusing on bringing gaming to “everyone.” The company is also set to double staff at its headquarters in Dublin.

The casual games company has brought Bejeweled to Windows Phone 7, bringing Xbox LIVE connectivity and Leaderboards to the mobile game.

The new version has been custom built for Microsoft’s mobile platform, offering 20 new Xbox LIVE achievements and allowing players to access Classic mode, Action mode and Endless play.

Speaking about the new version of Bejeweled, Paul Breslin, European general manager for PopCap Games, believes Microsoft has got it right with this new platform, improving connectivity, which he believes is essential for the direction gaming is going in.

He also has says the uniformity of the platform across all devices will make it easy for them to develop games for it, compared with the more “fragmented” Android platform, which he said can make it more challenging to develop games upon.

However, PopCap Games has no plans to abandon any platform, maintaining its focus on creating games for “everyone, everywhere.”

PopCap Games seems to be doing well in spite of the economic climate, thanks to the fast-growing mobile and social-gaming market, and has said it expects to bring in $100m in gross revenues.

The company has 55 employees in its Dublin office and has said it’s set set to double that figure, particularly in fields such as development and localisation.