Boole start-up of the week: BonzaQuote

5 Oct 2015

BonzaQuote led by fanatical DIYer Jack Drea helps people find the best price for their DIY materials.

BonzaQuote led by fanatical DIYer Jack Drea, who recently took part in the prestigious Blackbox Connector programme in Silicon Valley, helps people find the best price for their DIY materials.

BonzaQuote saves DIYers time and money by enabling them to find out the best price for their DIY materials from their smartphone, tablet or PC without them having to leave their DIY project.

“We are targeting the Irish, UK, and US DIY markets and are well positioned as more and more DIYers starts to transact online,” said founder Jack Drea.

“Currently, only 10pc of DIY transactions happen online, which is forecast to grow strongly.”

The founder

Prior to starting BonzaQuote, Drea worked in management consulting for Accenture and, before that, in finance in London and Dublin.

“I also am a fanatical DIYer and have experience of working in my family’s construction business so am incredibly passionate about this industry.

“Our team have all worked across a wide range of industries, but all uniquely share a passion for DIY.”

The technology


BonzaQuote gives the user a full price comparison of their list of DIY materials across leading DIY retailers, and highlights which retailer is providing the best overall quote.

“We also have large-scale development plans for the website which will offer our users the full suite of services for their DIY project, so watch this space,” Drea said.

‘Currently, only 10pc of DIY transactions happen online which is forecast to grow strongly’

“The ultimate goal is for every DIYer’s project to start and end online with us.”

Drea said the start-up has already achieved traction with leading DIY retailers in Ireland and the UK, and great feedback from the company’s DIYer user base.

Just do it

Like all start-ups, BonzaQuote has overcome many hurdles. “But these are opportunities to test you and the team you have built.”

According to Drea, good work is being done by Enterprise Ireland and by local enterprise boards such as Wicklow LEO to support people developing their start-up.

“There also seems to be lots of start-up events on in Ireland at the moment which can provide the spark and team needed to execute on an idea.

“Companies like CurrencyFair and Ding are setting a high standard in Ireland, and Irish start-ups with US bases like Kitman Labs, Boxfish, and Newswhip are showing us what is possible in terms of operating in and expanding into the US,” said Drea.

His advice for potential start-ups is to get out there and don’t hesitate.

“Just do it, don’t wait for the perfect conditions or timing! Build out your team and identify where knowledge gaps exist and fill them quickly.

“Once you are up and running, get a team of people you can reach out to for advice on everything from legal to raising finance, to team building etc – this group will be an invaluable source of advice and feedback to you as you grow your business.”

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years