Dogpatch to offer UL students placements with start-ups

23 May 2024

Image: Alan Place Photography

A new programme will give software engineering students at University of Limerick a chance to make industry connections outside the traditional classroom environment.

Dogpatch Labs has announced a partnership today (23 May) with the University of Limerick (UL) to give students of the Immersive Software Engineering programme a chance to complement their studies with real-world experience.

Through this partnership, students on the programme will have the opportunity to work with start-ups affiliated with Dogpatch Labs and its Founders accelerator, as well as NDRC, Ireland’s national accelerator.

Immersive Software Engineering (ISE) at UL is one of the leading courses of its kind in Europe. It emphasises a holistic understanding of the field with opportunities to gain practical experience.

The programme with Dogpatch Labs will give ISE students a chance to create valuable industry connections and learn news skills while “stepping outside” the traditional classroom environment.

Prof Stephen Kinsella, co-director of the ISE programme and head of the Department of Economics at the Kemmy Business School in UL, said that the ISE programme is about “creating Europe’s best software engineers”.

“Some of them will work in the best companies. Some of them will create the best companies, and that is what our partnership with Dogpatch Labs will help to build,” Kinsella said. “We are excited to work with everyone at Dogpatch Labs and the Patch youth accelerator to make these new companies a reality.”

Many ISE students have previously taken part in Patch, a youth-focused accelerator programme run at Dogpatch Labs and backed by Stripe and NDRC.

“We are excited to work with University of Limerick and the ISE programme to open up the dynamic world of start-ups to future software engineers,” said Patrick Walsh, CEO of Dogpatch Labs.

“Our collaboration is set to provide these students with a well-rounded education that spans beyond traditional lectures and corporate internships, delving deep into the heart of innovation and entrepreneurship.”

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Vish Gain is a journalist with Silicon Republic