The Leaders’ Room: Managing the room’s energy with Salesforce’s Carolan Lennon

13 Jun 2024

Carolan Lennon, Salesforce. Image: Connor McKenna/

The final episode of The Leaders’ Room’s first season features Carolan Lennon, who leads Salesforce in Ireland. This series has been created in partnership with IDA Ireland. Watch out for season two coming soon.

Each fortnight, The Leaders’ Room podcast sees host Ann O’Dea get up close and personal with the Irish-based leaders of some of the world’s leading technology, health-tech, finance and engineering companies with operations in Ireland.

As well as getting their insights on the nature of good leadership, the series also gets their expert views on the trends that are shaping their sectors.

In this episode, we speak to former Eir CEO, and current country manager of Salesforce, Carolan Lennon, and we explore the importance of values-based leadership, and the benefits of a style that is calm and consistent.

Salesforce is a pioneer in customer relationship management (CRM), offering cloud-based software that helps manage companies’ relationships with their customers. The company has been in Ireland since 2000, and in 2023 it opened its new Salesforce Tower in Dublin, the largest Salesforce office in Europe.

It is an interesting time to chat with Lennon, as the company explores the role of generative AI in the customer relationship process. Lennon has some great advice on how to get started with a data strategy and then develop the right use cases from there, while maintaining the integrity and security of your data.

This is the final episode of our first season of The Leaders’ Room and we hope you learned as much as we have about the organisations featured, but also about diverse leadership styles and just how much leadership has had to transform in recent years.

We’re extremely grateful to all our interviewees for taking the time to come into the studio and share their insights and their smarts. And big thanks to our partners IDA Ireland who have made this series possible.

Huge thanks to all the team at Silicon Republic, with a particular shout out to Connor McKenna and Selina Vavasour. And thanks to our awesome producers, Maurice and Shaun. We are delighted to say we’re already in the process of scheduling season two, so watch out for brand new episodes coming soon.

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