Dublin’s Ubotica joins EU project to boost Earth observation

14 Jun 2024

Image: © Dabarti/Stock.adobe.com

The Meseo project aims to create a system that can support the vast amount of data that satellites transfer, to improve various Earth observation services.

Irish space-tech company Ubotica has been awarded Horizon Europe funding through the Meseo project, which aims to revolutionise Earth observation systems.

Meseo is a collaborative research project that aims to make Europe’s space sector more competitive. The Horizon Europe-backed project aims to develop a scalable multi-mission Earth observation system that can support large-scale data processing.

This system will be designed to manage and process the huge amount of data that numerous satellites must transfer. The aims to reduce communication bandwidth requirements and utilise advanced technologies to optimise power consumption, processing capabilities and system usability.

The heart of this project is an Earth observation coordination centre, where specific software called processing functions will manage satellite data and products, to guarantee their ownership and quality. The goal is to create an accessible ecosystem that is open to any Earth observation product and service.

The project is a collaboration between various companies including GMV and Airbus. Ubotica is responsible for the development and deployment of AI-driven image triaging and in-line processing.

“We are excited to contribute to Meseo’s ambitious objectives and we look forward to the innovative advancements this partnership will bring to the space industry,” said Dr Aubrey Dunne, Ubotica co-founder and CTO. “Our AI-driven solutions are poised to revolutionise how data is processed on board, enhancing overall efficiency and effectiveness, and the Meseo system will significantly benefit from the integration of these solutions.”

Founded in 2017 and based at Dublin City University, Ubotica has had exciting developments in recent years, including striking a partnership with IBM and forming a corporate entity in the US to expand its presence in the country.

Earlier this year, Ubotica successfully launched its CogniSAT-6 satellite, as part of its mission to improve Earth observation services. This satellite is designed to provide real-time data to support various activities, such as monitoring crop health or tracking illegal fishing.

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Leigh Mc Gowran is a journalist with Silicon Republic