Limerick brothers launch e-commerce solution for the retail sector

13 Feb 2013

Brothers Sean and Kevin Meaney, co-founders of CueCommerce

A Limerick duo has created a new e-commerce solution called CueCommerce, with the aim of helping the retail sector capitalise on the growth of online shopping.

Brothers Sean and Kevin Meaney are already behind a digital marketing agency called IDF Marketing and they employ 17 people between their offices in Limerick, Dublin and the UK.

With the launch of CueCommerce, they are hoping to double their headcount by 2015.

According to Sean Meaney, CueCommerce is an e-commerce development, integration and marketing solution targeted at the retail sector.

He said the solution is aiming to streamline the process of logging product stock, recording a product purchase, product marketing and processing product sales.

“We integrate our software into retailers’ existing platforms,” explained Meaney.

The platform also features a cost-per-acquisition tool for retailers – a SEO service and direct marketing tool with the goal of helping retailers boost sales.

For retailers that use the service, CueCommerce will get paid a percentage based on sales generated.

“CueCommerce gets paid a percentage of online sales which we deliver through the client’s e-commerce website,” explained Kevin Meaney.

The duo will be showcasing the new product and testing it out on the retail sector in Ireland over the coming weeks.

Carmel Doyle was a long-time reporter with Silicon Republic