– 100,000 hits in first seven days

11 May 2011

A new website being described by its founder as “the world’s first social search engine”,, has received 100,000 hits in its first seven days.

Northern Ireland-born Matthew McClausland McCausland set up the site to offer the world a space to express their opinions and rate each other in the process.

It’s his ambition to turn everyday people into thought leaders – providing organic reviews and opinions on everyday topics such as music, politics, travel, celebrities and just about anything you want to express an opinion on.

Unlike Facebook and Twitter, when you join up it won’t be only your ‘friends’ or ‘followers’ that see what you say, but anyone that goes to the site.

It’s free to join and profiled members already include Callum Best and the former Eastenders star Michael Grecco.

McCausland, who is the brother of the celebrity property developer Gary McCausland was previously a chartered surveyor and also ran a promotions company called Inspired Promotions in London. will generate revenue primarily through advertising. McClausland has funded this venture himself and since the launch has already been approached by potential investors, according to a spokesperson from the Hey Group, an agency he is outsourcing certain functions to.

“All we did to drive traffic was send out emails to our lists of friends and promote the site on Facebook and Twitter and it has skyrocketed on a referral basis,” the spokesperson said.

“It is still being developed and all the features won’t be up and running for a couple of weeks. Twitter had been taken over by celebrities and Matthew wanted to create a place where everyday people could express their views. The idea is that in six months’ time if you’re going on a holiday to Paris and you type in a hotel name, you’ll see a number of people’s comments on it from around the world.”