NI platform for start-ups adds collaboration tool for members

23 Jan 2013

Startacus, the Northern Ireland-based online platform for self-starters, now has a new collaboration tool to allow members to post ideas about new projects or start-ups and connect with other aspiring entrepreneurs.

Last August, we profiled Startacus when it was just launched by Alastair Cameron, a former recruitment consultant who is based in Co Derry.

The aim of the site, which uses a type of ‘magazine-style’ format, is to help inspire and support people across Ireland and the UK who are thinking of making the leap into self-employment or who want to share their ideas with others.

Startacus already features start-up advice, as well as a community section for members to converse and share information and advice. Cameron said the new collaboration section of the site will allow members to add projects and connect and team up in order to help bring their ideas to life.

“We are aiming to bring together all people with ideas – be they exploring their creative potential for the first time, or an experienced self-starter or entrepreneur,” he said.

He said the collaboration platform will be a dedicated space for people to work on ideas and projects and where self-starters can forge new contacts.

“Users can create public and private workspaces, request to help others, and seek collaborators to help make their own ideas a reality,” added Cameron.

Carmel Doyle was a long-time reporter with Silicon Republic