15 life sciences start-ups to watch at RebelBio Demo Day 2017

25 Jul 2017

Image: Garsya/Shutterstock

The handiwork of the latest cohort of start-ups to come through SOSV’s RebelBio accelerator in Cork will be on show at a Demo Day in London.

15 biotech and life sciences start-ups representing the bleeding edge of science and entrepreneurship will be presenting at the RebelBio Demo Day in London.

The Demo Day takes place tomorrow (26 July) at Imperial College London White City Incubator.

For those who can’t be there in person, it is possible to register and attend a live stream of the entire event online, which will be produced by QI TV, also noted as the producers of hit TV show Blackadder.

The 15 companies are emerging from a four-month programme that saw each start-up gain access to investment worth more than $100,000, as well as access to lab and office space, and a network of hundreds of mentors.

RebelBio is one of SOSV’s global accelerators. It was originally known as IndieBio EU and was one of two branches, with the second accelerator in San Francisco (the pair rebranded as RebelBio and IndieBio, respectively).

Notable companies from the SOSV accelerators include: Opentrons (HAX), Helixworks (RebelBio), Perfect Day (RebelBio), Afineur (RebelBio), Pili (RebelBio) and Memphis Meats (IndieBio).

So, here are the world-changers:

Kaitek Labs

Kaitek Labs is developing a proprietary, rapid and ready-to-use toxin detection kit with engineered bacterial biosensors.

Valanx Biotech

Valanx Biotech is a university spin-out offering a patented method for high-efficiency protein conjugation for cancer drug targeting and other uses.

Galactica Biotech

Galactica Biotech is using a proprietary, artificial intelligence-based service to match drug targets with new indications for drug repurposing.


OaCP offers patented reagents for genomics applications, such as accelerating genetic tests for cancer diagnosis from three days to two hours.


SexPositive works on a point-of-care diagnostic kit for rapid testing of sexually transmitted diseases at home, on the road and anywhere.

NuLeaf Tech

NuLeaf Tech uses biomimetic engineering to create self-powered and ecologically integrated wastewater treatment systems for agricultural producers.

CyCa OncoSolutions

CyCa OncoSolutions has developed a proprietary material as a biomolecular device for programmed delivery of anticancer drugs.

SwaLife Biotech

SwaLife Biotech discovers, extracts and synthesises novel anticancer plant alkaloids for cosmetics and medical use, targeting DNA damage response.

Khonsu Therapeutics

Khonsu Therapeutics is developing therapeutics for autoimmune and inflammatory indications in human and animal health. It acts as a real power protein to alleviate several diseases at once.

Phyteau Functionals

Phyteau Functionals is developing a first-of-its-kind treatment using natural plant compounds to manage diabetes, weight and metabolism.


Plantedit develops non-GMO designer foods with its plant genome-editing platform in order to feed 9bn people.


Cell-Free is developing rapid prototyping tools for protein and DNA synthesis with live monitoring via an app.

Alternative Plants

Alternative Plants produces cosmetic active ingredients from plant stem cell cultures, preserving endangered plant species while unlocking nature’s most powerful botanical treasures.


Hemoalgae produces the potent and extremely high-value anticoagulant protein Hirudin, using an optimised strain of microalgae.


Canuevo is making functionalised micro-encapsulations as a delivery vehicle for cannabinoids in medicine and health, launching the medical cannabis revolution.

Disclaimer: SOSV is an investor in Siliconrepublic.com

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years