Techstars Web3 accelerator has kicked off in Dublin

13 Apr 2023

Image: Techstars

Founders of 12 promising start-ups building the future of Web3 will now embark on mentorship with Techstars for three months.

Techstars has unveiled its latest Web3 accelerator cohort of start-ups that kicked off week one in Dublin and are now gearing up to create the “next wave of growth in the decentralised internet”.

The class of 2023 includes 12 global start-ups selected from a pool of nearly 750 applicants. The founders will now receive training, mentorship and the opportunity to network with potential customers and investors over the next three months.

While the programme is largely remote, the programme’s first week kicked off in-person in Dublin last week.

“After a four-hour hike in Glendalough, we ran a full week of programming from the Digital Hub, which was a super space for the needs of the accelerator and to initiate relationships across the class,” Hugh McGirr, investment principal at Techstars, told

Week seven will be run from London in mid-May and the programme will close after investor-founder events in Toronto and New York at the end of June.

“After months of preparation, interviews, data crunching and due diligence, we finally kicked off the Techstars Web3 accelerator class of 2023,” said Techstars managing director Pete Townsend, who is an ambassador for Huckletree’s Web3 co-working hub in London launched in December.

“Our decision to go find 12 fantastic founding teams building in the midst of crypto winter has been totally validated.”

Here are the 12 start-ups accelerating with Techstars to build the future of Web3.

TrustWare: Based in the US, this start-up is developing a secure, recoverable and non-custodial crypto vault that connects users in a social network for sharing value.

TogetherCrew: With founders spread across Spain, India and the UK, TogetherCrew is on a mission to help build and grow Web3 communities by ensuring members and stakeholders create together.

SonX: This is a UK-based community platform that allows superfans to subscribe to their favourite musicians via a monthly membership fee, unlocking fan-only ticketing, exclusive audio content and digital and physical collectibles.

SaveChain: This is a borderless banking app based in the US that functions as a self-custody ‘stablecoin-only’ wallet with banking interface for the global underbanked.

Quest: Based in the US, this start-up is developing data infrastructure to enable organisations to leverage user data in a privacy-preserving manner to enhance user experience.

Protico: This start-up is enabling Web3 chat on apps in seconds for enterprises that want to migrate business and engage customers at the web3 level. It is based in Taiwan.

Peerkat: On a mission to make Web3 easier to use for everyone, UK-based Peerkat is using deep data science to provide unique insights into digital collectibles.

Ospree: This start-up is developing digital asset compliance infrastructure for centralised and decentralised entities. Its founders are spread across Singapore and the US.

Olta: Founded by Irishman Terence Reilly, Olta is for creative coders, directors and studio teams who make interactive art that audiences can explore and participate in. It is based in the UK.

MintyCode: This UK-based start-up is a decentralised IP marketplace helping software creators who contribute to open source by protecting their copyright and opening up new monetisation strategies.

Loki.code: With founders spread across Italy, the UK, the US and Brazil, Loki.code provides a workspace where users can create smart contracts safely and easily by dragging, dropping and connecting code blocks and using ready-to-deploy smart contract templates.

JR Studio: This is a gaming-backend-as-a-service platform giving indie developers and small teams the ability to manage multiplayer, web3 gaming, data, analytics and operations. Founders are based across the Netherlands, Brazil and the US.

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Vish Gain is a journalist with Silicon Republic