Carlow-based Xenon raises €1m for temperature testing device

2 Jun 2020

Paddy Byrne, managing director of Xenon Fever Defence. Image: Xenon

Venture capital firm ATW Partners invested €1m in Carlow-based Xenon to support the company as it scales its Fever Defence device.

Carlow security company Xenon has announced that it raised €1m in funding for its hands-free, infrared temperature testing device, Fever Defence. The investment was made by New York venture capital firm ATW Partners.

Xenon’s Fever Defence device uses thermal imaging and a facial detection camera to test people’s temperatures when they enter a building or work site. According to the company, the non-contact device can measure skin temperature in less than a second and is accurate up to plus or minus 0.3 degrees Celcius.

After the device reads a temperature, it alerts the individual of the result using a red and green light stop-go system and an audible notification if a potential fever-level temperature is detected.

Plans to scale in Europe and the US

Paddy Byrne, managing director of Xenon Fever Defence, commented: “We are delighted to have secured this investment, which will help us scale our operations across Europe and the US. Employers are moving quickly to put additional safety measures in place to protect their workplaces and their customers against the risk of Covid-19.”

Byrne added that the company’s devices have already been installed by companies and organisations across a number of different industries – from construction sites and offices to retail and childcare settings – in Ireland, the US and Europe.

“Fever Defence acts as the first layer of defence for businesses, as they navigate their way through operating during the pandemic,” he said. “This funding will allow us to expand our reach, and help organisations across the globe in reopening for business as soon and as safely as possible.”

Antonio Ruiz-Giménez, managing partner of ATW Partners, added: “The product has excellent market potential and we are looking forward to working with the team to help them advance and scale in Ireland, Europe, the US and beyond.”

Xenon is one of many companies that is currently turning its attention to problems posed by the coronavirus pandemic. Last week, we listed seven start-ups developing physical-distancing solutions, including Irish start-ups The Line Lite and Ordee.

Kelly Earley was a journalist with Silicon Republic