Shreya Salehittal explains why she chose to join the graduate programme at Johnson & Johnson Vision Care after moving to Ireland from India.

Graduate manufacturing engineer at Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Shreya Salehittal, said she applied for a role at the company because, to her, it symbolised “more than just a brand”.

“Exposure to the senior management team and exposure to all the different kinds of people working at Johnson & Johnson Vision Care is one of the main things that drew me to this role and to this particular site,” she said.

Salehittal told all about a typical day in her working life at the company’s facility in Limerick. “We discuss the challenges we are facing and we discuss how we are going to improve them.

“No one day would be similar, as things change according to whatever we are facing that day.”

She noted that those on the graduate programme not only contribute to the company’s projects, but also get a chance to progress their professional development, too.

“What the Johnson & Johnson Vision Care graduate programme offers is training in your soft skills, in your project management skills and in your time management skills,” Salehittal added.

“And all of this is not just for the company’s benefit, but for your career benefit as well.”


Words by Lisa Ardill